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I’m Andrew, an award-winning freelance director and editor working in London & Brighton, with a fondness for all things sci-fi.

My latest short film Venus recently completed its festival run, with 11 Best Sci-Fi Short awards and 30 official selections internationally. This includes the Oscar and BAFTA-qualifying LA Shorts Intl. Film Festival and the Flickers' Rhode Island Intl. Film FestivalAs well as my ongoing directing projects, including music videos and other shorts, I am currently developing a debut feature film.

I have over five years of professional editing experience across a broad range of projects, from short films and feature-length documentaries, to broadcast advertising and videos for organisations such as the NHS. I specialise in post-production, working in online and offline editing, with substantial knowledge of visual effects compositing (and the best ways to "fix it in post!").

I have also run multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns, including raising over £25k in budget for Venus and First Sight, and I am a producer at Speakit Productions.

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