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Director, Editor, Co-Writer, Co-Producer (2021)

Iris, torn out of her idyllic digital world and uploaded into a stolen synthetic body by her grieving mother, must face her body's objectification and violent potential in a dark future.

Venus is by far my biggest production, made on a budget of £25,000 independently crowdfunded via Kickstarter. The short film has seen wonderful success so far at high-profile festivals, and I am continuing to develop this ambitious story into a feature-length film.


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the shadow
of cairo

Editor, Co-Writer (2019)

After her mother's death, Maya, an ordinary Egyptian girl, sets out to become a Superhero vigilante.

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Director, Editor (2018)

Impact in T-minus 97 minutes. 220 miles above our doomed planet, four astronauts on board the International Space Station are forced to confront their fate as the last members of the human race.

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Director, Editor, Writer (2019)

A couple's perfect domestic life is disrupted when their house is burgled. Shutting himself in as a result, Rob must overcome his paranoia to face the outside world once again.

Can she see us, daddy?

Co-Director, Editor (2018)

A single take companion piece to The Watchers, also made for Create50's 'The Impact' collaborative feature film.



River Film's Four4 Sci-Fi Competition Finalist

JESSICA (2015)

 CryptTV's 15 Second Scare Competition Finalist